Monday, September 28, 2009

How much Did I make in AUG?

A lot has happened this month so I only put in about 1 hour a day online. So I did not make the $100.00 mark.

What I did Make is:

$ 15 dollars in My paypal From SWAGBUCKS. A must join if not a member.

$ 20 in amazon gift certificates from IRAZOO is easy to earn just by searching. Think about joining if not a member.

I I have been paid by these sites previous. I highly recommend them.

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Egyptianclicks This month I earned 1.33
Nascar-clicks I earned .45
Sassyclicks Got a payout of 1.56 this month

Also got a check from Inboxdollers (link will be inserted later) That was for 30.00

So I made 60.33 of the 100 I was looking for. That is a lot closer than last month. I Am open to any ideas that you may have. Please leave a comment, or post how much you make a month online. I would love to hear from you. Post the link and how much you have made from the site. I also will join one of your sites if you join one under me. Post that you joined and then post the site. If I am not a member I will join.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will post my Aug earnings in The next few days. Also top ptc sites.

Did I reach my goal of making $100.00 a month online? Well you will just have to check back in a few days. As I have been really busy moving and an injury.

There sure is a lot of ways to make money. Thanks to all the helpful people who have asked questions. Or left their link to their favorite site. As I will join the site under you if I am not already a member and I like the site.

Well I must get to my day time job so I can pay the bills.

Here are my Top 3 PTC sites please take a look.

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Thank you for your time. Also leave a link to your blog in your post, and I will join your blog.

Thanks for your time.


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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sorry An unexpected move and a broken leg

I will post more soon. And any member of my Ptc sites I have been so out of it. I forgot what day it was. I need to pay my hosting then The sites will be back up.

Thanks for the understanding.