Monday, October 26, 2009

What I made in September online.

Hello, almost the end of October and I am just now posting what I made in September.

Sorry I got behind.

What I did make is.

$ 20 dollars in My paypal From SWAGBUCKS. A must join if not a member. This grows every month because I pick up a referral or two a month. Easy to advertise and earn.

$ 20 in amazon gift certificates from IRAZOO is easy to earn just by searching. You surf sites until you get 300 points a day. In 10 days you can cash out for a 5 gift card to amazon. Or other prizes, this site is good without refs you still can reach payout quick.

I I have been paid by these sites previous. I highly recommend them.

Check out My top sites.
Egyptianclicks This month I earned .95
Nascar-clicks I earned .33
Sassyclicks Got a payout of 1.99 this month

So again I made 40 and some change. Still looking for a few more sites that will payout fast.

This month I also did real good saving on grocries. I will post more about that in the next post.

Thanks for reading. Please post A comment. Or leave a link if you think you have a good program I will check it out.

I have a new blog all about my adventure in making money with Clickbank. Clickbank is a site that pays you to sell other peoples products. To learn more please look and join my blog. I will include tips that will help for anything you do. Epically traffic tips.


Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Please come back again.



  1. Hi!

    Did you really wanted to say december, in the first line? :)

    One of my favourite site:

  2. LOL thanks for that. I will fix it. I also will check out your link. Thanks so much.