Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hunderdacreclicks is a Great Paid to Click Site. I think the banner says it all. But will add that the owner of this site. Takes care of her site and if you are a honest clicker then join this site. I earn fast.

Some details :

10% Referral earnings.
3 payout to free members (lower when upgraded)

I recomend this site, Please join me in earning some money. Hunderdacreclicks Click here to join!

Also has a blog dedicated to the site. Click here to visit the Blog!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Part 2 of reaching My 100.00 a month income online.

Without much advertising at all I have pick up one referral on Daily Niche (see 2 post below). I have not earned any commissions yet but I am now going to advertise The site in a massive add blast on my favorite PTC sites. Can you make money online?: MY Favorites PTC That I try to click as much as I can. I have not had a lot of time due to opportunity to make money off line. Like painting, cleaning apartments, mowing lawns,selling handmade soap at festivals, you name it. Right now I am up for anything that will help me save up for a house. That is where I put half of all my extra income. I will be setting up a blog about my adventures.

Ok sorry I got off topic. I Just wanted to convey that I have not had the time I wanted this month to put into online programs. THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT CAN NOT BE DONE.
I still have a week left. So this is the end of this post. I need to get out there and click and advertise. I will post some links of helpful hints soon.

Please if you are making a online income of 100 or more please post a coment and tell me how you are doing it. If I already don't have it in my list of programs I will join under you. Also Readers post your goals I would love to hear them.

Thanks for your time.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Great way to earn Quick money!!

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YouData is a great company where you can expect to be paid weekly for just viewing banners and/or clicking onto websites. Just enter in basic information (like for a survey site) and then click to "reveal ads" and just view the banners within the widget or click through to the websites shown. The websites are sites that are likely familiar to you and you don't have to do or sign up for anything, just click to the site.

You receive money each time you do one of these actions (view or click) and are paid weekly via paypal. Signing up for a paypal account is free and is a very safe way to send and/or receive money. You will be notified via email each Friday when the money is paid into your paypal account.

You won't get rich from this site but for a few short minutes of your time, the money will add up!!!!

Please This Check this out It IS worth YOUR TIME>


My goal to Earn $ 100.00 Extra this Month.

Hello all, as I stated in the tittle my Goal this month is to make $100.00 from online only. I have never really tracked, how much I have earned. But I would say any where from 2 bucks to 50 a month. LOL

Reason would be because of spending a lot of time on the sites that pay. The more time you spend the more you make. ((Helpful hint)) The only way to make a lot of money is referrals and they are easy to get if you advertise. If anyone reading this would like help with how to advertise cheap or free, please post a comment.

So the plan is to spend 7 hours a week and at minimum wage I would make approximately 60 bucks a week. So I think 100 To start should be easy. A lot of sites will not pay off in the first month. As the payout is very high and it takes a few months to reach.

This DOES NOT COUNT MY PTC SITES as they have a lot of earnings but after payouts. All 3 sites are in the red. I am working hard to also turn this around. I will put in an extra 3 hours a week for my PTC SITES.

Right now my own fiances are stretched So I have to come up with unique ways to fix my PTC sites. If anyone out there has the time to help I can offer free advertising. (see wish list on Cactusjuice Blog

If you have helpful hints for me please feel free to post a comment. Right under the post you will see post comment.

Thanks /\../\

Saturday, July 11, 2009

iRazoo Is a great site.

You can earn a free $5 Amazon gift card on iRazoo every 10 days! (You can earn 300 points a day on iRazoo and cash out for an Amazon gift card at 3000 points, which means you can earn a $5 Amazon gift card every 10 days!)

Also, if you refer friends and they win Amazon gift cards from searching, you win too! So if your friend wins a $5 Amazon gift card, you do too! How cool is that?

Friday, July 3, 2009

How to have $5 in your paypal account in less then40 days.

SWAGBUCKS For 80 swagbucks you can get $5 in your paypal.I earn around 3 swag bucks a day. 3 x 30= 90 this is 5 bucks a month. Now if you have referrals you earn more. What's a Swagbuck? A Swagbuck is the unit of currency on the Swagbucks site and you can redeem your Swagbucks for many kinds of prizes and now even CASH via Paypal. I redeem mine for Amazon e-certificates (it's 45 Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon e-certificate) and with normal searching, I find I can easily get that in a week. Is your current search engine paying you $5 a week to use it?..... Please join by clicking the banner. Thanks for your time.


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